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Why choose Conext SW 120/240V

Higher return on investment

  • Cost effective
  • Excellent load start capabilities with high 30-minute and 5-second surge power
  • Harness the continuously declining production cost of solar power

Designed for reliability

  • Robust design through rigorous reliability testing (HALT)


  • Available in 24VDC and 48VDC models. All models support both 50Hz and 60Hz output
  • Stack two units to double output power up to 8 kW
  • Supports AC coupled and DC coupled off-grid and grid-tie architectures
  • Intelligent functionality enables self consumption with solar prioritization, peak shaving and, assisting small generators with heavy loads

Easy to service

  • Monitor, troubleshoot or upgrade firmware with the Conext ComBox
  • Global support and training
  • Replaceable boards and spare parts

Easy to install

  • Configures quickly into compact wall mounted system
  • Companion breaker panels integrate inverter with battery bank and solar charge controllers
  • Mounting bracket design makes hanging inverter on the wall easy


Why choose Conext XW+ 120/240V

Designed for reliability

  • Extensive quality and reliability testing
  • Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)
  • Globally proven and recognized field performance


  • Single or three phase systems from 7.0 kW to 76.5 kW
  • Supports DC coupled and AC coupled off-grid and grid-tie architectures
  • Supports charging of Lithium Ion battery packs

Easy to service

  • Field serviceable with replacement boards and spare parts
  • Monitor, troubleshoot or upgrade firmware with Conext ComBox

Easy to install

  • System configures quickly into compact wall-mounted system
  • Integrates both grid and generator power with dual AC inputs
  • Balance of system components integrates battery bank, solar charge controllers and generators
  • Commission the entire system with PC software tool and Conext ComBox

Off-Grid Cabin and Residential System’s

Power your cabin and residential home completely off-grid. All systems are custom designed to fit your power needs. Call for a FREE site evaluation to see how solar can work for you.


Off-Grid Commercial and Agriculture

Advanced Solar can power all of your commercial and/or Agricultural needs. We can power any 120/240Vac single phase loads or 120/208Vac three phase loads (Max 76.5Kw). Save $$$$ by minimizing your generator run time. All systems are custom designed to fit your power needs. Call for a FREE site evaluation to see how solar can work for you.


  • USDA/REAP Grant is a 25% grant available to small businesses and agricultural producers.
  • A Tax Credit is available to EVERY solar installation including residential, commercial, and agricultural systems.
  • Lower your electric bill or completely get rid of it.
  • Become self sustainable
  • Become energy efficient


Kohler Generators

Keep your groceries cold, your basement dry and your family comfortable. Whatever the weather’s doesn’t matter. When a bad storm or utility failure knocks out your power, your Kohler generator will keep you connected.


Click below for more information on Kohler Generators

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