Solar Systems

Gridtie Solar System Kits

These Gridtie Solar Systems feature the Solar Edge platform a revolutionary way of maximizing the sun’s power using SolarEdge PowerBoxes. SolarEdge PowerBox optimizers can be paired with any solar panels and strung to ETL listed SolarEdge inverters.

Easily Expandable (Do It Yourself) Kits

Choosing an Expandable Enphase Micro-inverter system will allow you to start out small and expand as you are able. You can add one panel and one micro-inverter at a time. With a traditional solar panel system, you need to anticipate power needs for your home or business during the initial design process.

Grid-Tied Solar Power Systems with Battery Back-up

In addition to OutBack Flexware Power Systems, Advanced Solar is now offering OutBack’s factory tested and prewired FLEXpower ONE and FLEXpower TWO inverter systems.


These Power Centers start with Midnite Solar’s compact and durable E-Panel disconnect boxes. The gray or white steel cabinets with right- or left-hinged doors house Magnum Energy inverters and all the components you need to safely convert and direct the electricity produced by your renewable energy system.

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