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Advanced Solar Posted by: Advanced Solar 1 year ago

If you’ve made the decision to switch to renewable solar energy for your home or business, making them last as long as possible is always the goal.

Solar energy systems don’t require much upkeep, and these simple solar panel maintenance tips can help your panels stay in peak condition and last for years.

Keep Your Panels Clean

Cleaning your solar panels will not only make them last longer but can also help them continue operating at peak efficiency.

Your solar panels will work best when they’re clean and there’s nothing between them and the sun. Over time dirt, debris, and animal droppings can collect on the surface of your panels. 

It’s a good idea to have them professionally cleaned once a year and simply spray them down with a gentle garden hose in between professional cleanings.

Make Sure They Aren’t Shaded

Over time trees and other plant life can grow and begin to cast shadows or shade your solar panel array. While your panels may not have been in the shade when they were installed, that can change over time.

Be sure to regularly trim back trees that could begin to overshadow your solar panels, a general visual check in spring and fall is usually sufficient.

Schedule Regular Inspections

Just like any other appliance or technology in your home, your solar energy system should be regularly inspected.

An annual inspection should include checking that all wiring and connection points are still connected and functioning properly.

In most cases, your energy system isn’t something that needs heavy solar panel maintenance services. Outside of annual inspections and periodic cleaning, there isn’t much to be aware of.

However, if you notice your electric bill increasing or your energy output decreasing, it’s time to get your system checked by a professional.

Don’t Clear Snow With A Shovel

As tempting as it might be to remove snow from your solar panels with a shovel, resist the urge!

Doing so will scratch the surface of the panels and since they are usually angled to catch the sun, once it does come out, the snow will start to slide off and melt on its own.

If you’re in a period of heavy snow and aren’t seeing signs of it melting off your panels on its own, don’t try to remove it yourself.

Give a professional solar panel cleaning service a call and they can remove it using equipment that won’t damage your system.

Protect Your Investment

Making the switch to solar energy is an investment, so protecting it should be a priority. Most solar energy systems come with warranties, many up to 25 years.

However, most warranties state that they’re only valid if the system is properly maintained. Don’t risk losing out on your investment by not regularly performing solar panel maintenance.

Advanced Solar Is Here To Help

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