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Advanced Solar Posted by: Advanced Solar 2 years ago

When you’re considering switching to solar energy, you might encounter some common myths instead of solar energy facts when you begin to research renewable energy systems. 

We’re sharing the top 8 myths we’ve encountered and giving you solar energy facts you can use to better understand how solar energy systems can work for your home or business.

Solar Panels Only Work In Southern States

It’s true that solar panels need sunshine to generate electricity. If you live in an area like Florida or California, you’ll likely generate more solar energy than if you live in a northern state like Michigan or Indiana.

However, that doesn’t mean your solar panels aren’t working. The amount of electricity generated in colder climates is still enough to provide you with savings on your energy bill.

Just because temperatures are cooler up north doesn’t mean the sun stops providing the power needed to generate electricity.

Going Solar Is Expensive

Making the switch to a solar energy system does come with an up-front cost. However, there are a variety of financial options available to make this initial purchase more affordable. The cost of going solar has also dropped over the last decade

Learn about the financial options available

You Can Get Free Solar Panels From The Government

This is nothing but a scam. If you’ve seen advertisements about free panels from the government, it just isn’t true.

You can make the switch to solar energy for a $0 down payment using a solar loan or lease, but neither federal or state governments provide free solar panels.

However, the government does offer incentives that vary by state for homeowners who switch to a solar energy system.

Solar Panels Require Heavy Maintenance

Your solar energy system shouldn’t require much maintenance at all. You do need to clean them simply with water to remove any dust and other debris and check them after severe weather systems pass to ensure they aren’t damaged.

Learn more about taking care of your solar panels

It’s Harder To Sell A Home With Solar Panels

The opposite is often true, homes with solar panels tend to have a higher property value than those with conventional energy stems tied to the local power grid.

Being able to market your home with solar panels as a feature is attractive to many potential buyers due to the utility savings they can enjoy for years to come.

Solar Panels Are Bad For The Environment

This just isn’t true, as solar panels are built to last for approximately 25 years and then be recycled. Many manufacturers will actually recycle old solar panels free of charge to avoid having them thrown in landfills and harming the environment.

According to a study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the energy payback for solar panel manufacturing is less than 4 years. Assuming a 30-year solar energy system lifespan, a net gain of 26-29 years of pollution-free energy can be expected.

My Roof Will Be Damaged By Solar Panels

Instead of damaging the roof of your home, solar panels can actually protect and preserve the section of your roof that they cover! 

Panels are easily removed by roofing experts if a repair is needed and most solar panels aren’t directly connected to your roof and rather are secured by a mounted railing system.

If you’re considering making the switch to solar energy, it’s a good rule of thumb to have your roof inspected prior to installing to ensure it is in good shape to support solar panels.

Solar Panels Will Provide Electricity During A Power Outage

While this can be the case depending on your solar energy system, if this is a priority for you, your home will need a battery storage option like a grid-tied solar system with a battery backup

Sometimes backup power is available as a standard feature of a battery and sometimes it requires extra setup.

When you’re discussing your solar energy needs with your solar energy installer, be sure to ask if the system you want to purchase has this feature available.

Advanced Solar Is Here To Help

Have questions about how switching to solar energy works and if it’s the best choice for you? We’re here to answer your questions and help you find the best solution using solar energy facts, not myths!