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Advanced Solar Posted by: Advanced Solar 12 months ago

When you make the switch to a solar energy system, the goal is to make sure your solar panels are aligned to capture the most direct sunlight possible for as many hours as possible. In the article below, we’re sharing how to make sure you have the best angle for solar panels, as well as optimal placement.

Since solar panels convert sunlight into energy for your home, business, or farm, it’s vital to ensure your solar panels are located and angled in a way that maximizes sun exposure.

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Solar Panel Placement

As we mentioned above, solar panels work by absorbing light from the sun, then are able to transform it into energy you can use to power your home or business. Learn more about how solar panels work.

Because solar panels depend on direct sunlight for power, it’s important to make sure your panels are oriented correctly. If possible, the sun’s rays should be perpendicular to your solar panels’ surfaces.

You also need to consider how the sun’s placement will change as seasons change throughout the year. For most homes in the northern hemisphere, placing solar panels to face true south will provide the best orientation to maximize exposure time.

According to Forbes, homes that have solar panels facing east or west produce about 20% less energy than panels facing south.

Solar Panel Angles

In addition to proper placement to maximize sun exposure, the angle or tilt of your solar panels is equally important. “Solar panel angle” refers to the vertical tilt of your solar panels. This angle can be adjusted seasonally to the optimal angle or set in a way to be productive most of the year without having to adjust them.

If you do choose to adjust the tilt of your solar panel array manually, we typically recommend:

  • Summer – Tilt to your latitude minus 15 degrees
  • Fall – Tilt to your exact latitude
  • Winter – Tilt to your latitude plus 15 degrees
  • Spring – Tilt to your exact latitude

You can get even better results customizing the angle of your panels specifically for your location. If you have questions about what angle would work best for your solar panels, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

Advanced Solar Is Here To Help

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