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Advanced Solar Posted by: Advanced Solar 1 year ago

When any new technology becomes widely available, there are always questions about safety. Solar panels and solar energy arrays aren’t exempt from those questions!

Put Your Mind At Ease

Before we get into answering some of the common questions about solar panel safety, let us put your mind at ease. For the majority of homeowners and business owners, solar panels do not have any safety concerns. 

They should be considered just as safe as any other major appliance in your home as long as they are installed by professionals and maintained correctly.

Will electrical surges affect my solar panels?

A common cause of an electrical surge is lightning. If lightning strikes nearby, you may experience a power surge. If your solar panels aren’t installed properly, an electrical surge could damage them (just like with any appliance).

Electrical surges caused by faulty wiring in your home can cause more damage, so it’s important to ensure your home has been wired safely and is up-to-date according to current safety standards before making the switch to solar energy.

Do solar panels cause fires?

While this can happen, it doesn’t happen often and is usually a result of other electrical problems. If wires are damaged, not insulated properly, or incorrectly installed, a fire can happen.

Do solar panels increase cancer risk?

Most solar panels are made of glass, aluminum, and other common plastics and wires. The cells used to capture sunlight are made from silicon, which naturally occurs in our world. Solar panels do not increase your risk for cancer.

Like with other electronic materials, it is important to dispose of old solar arrays properly to avoid polluting the environment.

Electricity that is created from solar panels puts out extremely weak electromagnetic fields. Exposure to this type of electromagnetic energy has been studied by the World Health Organization (WHO) and has been shown to have no harmful impact on human health.

How To Guarantee A Safe Solar Installation

When it comes down to it, if your solar energy system is installed by certified experts, you shouldn’t have safety concerns.

  • Only use professionally licensed solar installation companies and contractors.
  • If your array is going to be mounted on the roof, have it inspected to make sure there is proper structural support prior to installation.
  • Never attempt to install or repair a solar energy system by yourself.

Advanced Solar Is Here To Help

Have questions about how switching to solar energy works for your home, business, or farm and how it can help you save on utility bills?

We’re here to answer your questions and help you find the best solution for you.