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Advanced Solar Posted by: Advanced Solar 3 years ago

The effects of climate change can be seen across the world.

Everything from flooding, more intense storms, and severe droughts are signs that the way we humans have been using energy is damaging our planet.

Climate change is our reality, but what can we do about it?

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions are produced by burning fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, and oil. Most of the energy we use to date comes from burning these fossil fuels which emit carbon dioxide.

This type of gas is known as a greenhouse gas because it traps and adds extra heat to our global system.

Once a greenhouse gas reaches our atmosphere, it stays there for thousands of years.

That’s why it’s important to realize that the decisions we make today will dramatically affect our planet for many years into the future.

Going Solar Can Help Slow Climate Change

Solar panels don’t release any carbon emissions as they create electricity for use in homes and businesses.

Manufacturing, shipping, and installation do release some, but it is a very small amount compared to the amount released by the continued use of fossil fuels.

Using solar energy instead of fossil fuels can also help conserve water! Large amounts of water are used for cooling systems necessary for power plants using coal, natural gas, and oil. 

Since solar panels don’t need to use water to operate, it’s another way going solar can help save our planet’s natural resources.

Solar Energy Is More Affordable

While there is an upfront cost to installing a solar energy system in your home or business, over time it is much more affordable than being dependent on fossil fuels.

Learn How To Save By Going Solar

Solar Energy Is Renewable

The United States Energy Information Administration estimates that the US has enough natural gas to last 80 years and enough oil to last 30 years. The World Coal Association estimates that coal will last 150 years at current production rates. 

This means we will soon be facing a very real problem of running out of resources to power our homes, businesses, and more.

One of the biggest benefits of solar energy is that it is renewable. The sun will be around for billions of years to come and provides us with a constant energy source.

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